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How did you start in FiveM development?

Can you describe your journey and initial motivation for working within the FiveM community?
NestaHaze, FiveM developer


FiveM developer about 2 months ago Contact
I got into FiveM around five years ago and was a content creator for a large british FiveM server GBGC, I really enjoyed the whole Criminal x Police kind of roleplay so really stuck to that and have played both sides of the law.

The server I was playing on at the time was in need of developers so I decided to sit there day after day and learn how to code and what it all was.

After a week or so I felt that I had enough experience to actually give it a go, I started by working on small vehicle handling files and then within a month ended up working on major configuration and core server work.

Whilst developing on this server one of the management told me I should use my skills to make money online and as at the time I was doing everything for free I jumped on the idea.

Within a couple of weeks I had turned over £2,000 in sales and decided to leave GBGC to create my own servers along with for other people.

This was the best decision I had ever made as this netted me over £20,000.

AayushNiraula, FiveM developer


FiveM developer 2 months ago Contact
I initially got into the world of FiveM about four years ago while immersing myself in a Roleplay server. I was a RP player and content creator, So I wanted to know how Scripts Mlos are made and the I started to learn Lua Language. I am a web developer also so i had knowledge about coding's, So learning Lua was not a challenging task for me and I started developing the scripts and snippets. As time passed, I transitioned into crafting entire servers, eventually offering them to a global audience, a testament to the journey from curiosity to creation.
axonftw, FiveM developer


FiveM developer 2 months ago Contact
I got into the FiveM community because I saw it as a platform where I could combine my love for gaming with my interest in coding and customization. My journey started with basic mods and scripts, but as I learned more, I realized how flexible and powerful the platform is. My initial motivation came from wanting to create unique gaming experiences and connect with other gamers who shared the same passion
hightechy, FiveM developer


FiveM developer about 2 months ago Contact
I started with FiveM 6 years ago as a player who enjoys roleplaying with friends. I got used to playing in popular servers and was amazed by the creativity of FiveM developers. I've been developing FiveM servers for 5 years now. The community is great, helping each other with resources and support. I am happy to have been a player and a developer in this community for almost 6 years.