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How do you handle FiveM updates as a Developer?

What is your approach to managing updates and modifications for ongoing FiveM projects?
axonftw, FiveM developer


FiveM developer 2 months ago Contact
My approach to managing updates and modifications for ongoing FiveM projects focuses on clear communication, flexibility, and thorough testing. Here's how I handle it:

Client Communication: I maintain regular contact with clients to understand their evolving needs. This helps me prioritize which updates or modifications are necessary and allows clients to request changes when needed.
Version Control: I use version control systems to track changes and updates. This makes it easier to manage modifications, roll back if necessary, and collaborate with others.
Scheduled Updates: I plan updates to minimize disruption to the server's operation. By scheduling updates during off-peak hours, I ensure that players experience minimal downtime.
Testing and Quality Assurance: Before implementing updates, I conduct thorough testing to identify and fix potential issues. This reduces the risk of introducing bugs or performance problems with the new changes
NestaHaze, FiveM developer


FiveM developer about 2 months ago Contact
My standard servers update quite regulary and I realised how much of a pain it was to reach out to 60+ clients and request they make the updates manually.

At Haze Development we now offer full GIT support so all updates automatically work in the background and will be in place when the clients server next restarts.

This system also allows us to quick push changes on a clients server if anything goes wrong; allows us to save backups incase of hosting errors and allows us to keep all clients in the loop with everything serverwise.
AayushNiraula, FiveM developer


FiveM developer 2 months ago Contact
I handle Updates for scripts or services :-
Regular Communication: I maintain open communication channels with clients to keep them informed about upcoming updates. This includes providing advance notice of planned updates, outlining the changes or improvements, and addressing any concerns or questions they may have.

Documentation: Clear documentation is provided alongside updates to guide users through any changes or new features. This includes release notes, change logs, and instructions for implementing the update.
hightechy, FiveM developer


FiveM developer about 2 months ago Contact
I offer both paid and free updates for ongoing projects, and the conditions will be discussed with the client before starting the project. The best way to keep the server up to date is by checking for resource releases at regular intervals, for example, once a week or twice a month. This approach can help to update multiple scripts at once instead of updating them individually. The consistency of the server always depends on server maintenance.