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What are your communication methods as a League of legends coach?

How do you communicate with your players during coaching sessions, and how do you provide feedback?
eneino01, League of legends coach


League of legends coach 3 months ago Contact
I usually am pretty straight forward as a coach. If you are bad I will tell you that you are, if you improved I will tell you that you improved. While this might be a bit rude by me I like to be honest with people especially when they pay for my service and expect a specific outcome or improvement. I am the first one willing to see an improvement by them so that's why I want to be as honest as possible and help them to achieve what they asked me for. When there's a debate, I usually judge everything the customer is saying despite him being bronze or challenger. There was a time i learnt something by coaching a bronze player so everything and everyone could be right on a specific topic. Always evaluate what the customer is thinking! The coaching has to be a dialogue not a monologue.
Kinch, League of legends coach


League of legends coach 3 months ago Contact
I use Discord to communicate with the players I coach. Either through DMs or my coaching server where everyone gets their role assigned in an organized manner.

During my coaching sessions, we use Discord as well. For the live game, the coached person will be streaming the game to me so I can watch it, while for the replay review, I will be the one streaming my screen as we watch-along the chosen game.

For feedback, I send them the Notepad in which I took notes for that particular game, while also having a dedicated text channel for feedback, questions, tips, even personalized messaged by a bot whenever someone ranks up, so everyone can see the progress.
Mogu, League of legends coach


League of legends coach 3 months ago Contact
Frequently asking questions.
League is not rocket science, and players shouldn't treat it as such. Whenever my students faces difficulties. I prefer spliting the situation in little small pieces, down to the basic, simple , and straight-forward questions. And eventually gathering enough clues to solve the puzzle. Most of the time my students are capable of answering themselves, further proving my point. And it also encourages my student to think for themselves in the future if they encouter simular but different situations.
Vezzix, League of legends coach


League of legends coach 3 months ago Contact
I am using Discord to communicate with my students. Discord allows me and my students to share the screen without delay and to use voice chat at the same time.

When they want to ask me something before or after the session they can do that via Direct Message. I'm staying with my students in touch forever so whenever they need help I am ready to help them.

For feedback, after the session, I send to my students notes I made during a coaching session, and if they have questions they can hit me up via DM.
CoachKyan, League of legends coach


League of legends coach 2 months ago Contact
I treat my students with respect and try to find out what they're open to communication wise by literally asking them and analyzing their speech and actions. I will always establish a good connection with my students before giving them any feedback or give them any sort of advice. Once the connection is made and both me and my student(s) have a feeling for each other on how we would like to be communicated to, now feedback is a pleasant learning moment and not a fixed requirement.
inflex, League of legends coach


League of legends coach 3 months ago Contact
Simply put, it is a Discord call, so the communication channel is rather simple.
For the communication to be effective however, there are more things that come to play the pivot role.
Feedback is most often provided with the VOD review (that I have recorded from their POV) right after the session but the follow ups and the docs as a sort of material are always available. Most student stay in touch with me, and I'm open for discussion and questions they might have.
Honorbound156, League of legends coach


League of legends coach 3 months ago Contact
I work with clients through discord primarily. We can call directly or they can join the community discord server. After the session, they can also message me directly with questions and situational issues.
Sagittarius, League of legends coach


League of legends coach 3 months ago Contact
Rapport, "the sandwich method" (compliment/judgement/compliment), honesty and no sugar coating, yet no screaming nor disrespect or frustration. Cool head, some people call my coaching chill and almost ASMR
Madkour, League of legends coach


League of legends coach 3 months ago Contact
we just use Discord.