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Question for League of legends coaches  

What’s your League of legends player improvement strategy?

How do you develop a customized improvement plan for each player focusing on mechanics and decision-making?


League of legends coach about 1 month ago Contact
Every player needs something different to grow and improve. Many need a shift in their mindset about how to approach the game and think about it, many others are just missing a lot of game knowledge that they need to be able to make better opportunity-cost decisions. Some are really hung up on trading, micro mistakes, key binds, and other issues. During sessions I work to identify which
of these is holding the student back, and focus on helping them realize what the issue is and how they can grow and overcome these.

Mindset often takes helping a student see the benefit of focusing and staying locked in a better mindset during games.

Game knowledge is easily fixable by showing students aspects of the game, such as gold value of plays, roam timers, jungle tracking, wave control, itemization, champion archetypes, etc.

Micro is the hardest to teach since it has to be practiced into muscle memory, but giving the student 3-5 important micro aspects to focus on and improve is helpful.


League of legends coach about 1 month ago Contact
It depends on the individual that I'm coaching. His own commitment level, behavior, personality as well as skills that he had engraved in himself over the years. Habits that are to replenish, and ones that are to be replaced.
I. Fundamental way of looking at what the learning process really is.
II. How to learn and practice.
III. Champion pool - what champions help you learn the game and what champions should we stay away from?
IV. How to get on track for the long run.
V. Watching VODs and gathering data.
Of course, coaching is broken down to many different parts, learning what soloq really is and how we can impact it while learning is no easy task. Complexity of the game itself, can quickly overwhelm us. If we look at any other game or sports, there are some baseline skills that we could outline and train individually - but not in League of Legends. Creating isolated environment is difficult as well, since there are no available tools other than playing and grinding.


League of legends coach about 1 month ago Contact
Well I don't really have a particular strategy..? every player has his own flaws and every player is either completely out of his mind sometimes or pretty calm. calm people could follow a nice smooth and easy strategy such as watching certain videos and trying to achieve specific mile stones such as hitting 100 cs on 10 minutes every game for 5 games and seeing whether if that'll create a difference or not. it's pretty simple yet complicated for those who get tilted pretty fast because such players require more than just In-Game Strategy. it's more like a mentality that requires fixing first before we jump into the rift. so yeah it's not always a specific strategy. again. I have to jump into the call with the person and have a chit chat with him to understand why is he losing. usually the way the player starts talking explains a lot about his personality & gameplay. it makes the *strategy* easier to execute.


League of legends coach 11 days ago Contact
A customized improvement plan is far from a good approach in my opinion. I teach people fundamentals and concepts that specifically suit their playstyle and I give them tips on how to implement that knowledge based on what I've seen works with other people I've coached before and what works for me personally.

After a coaching session, my students can send me with any questions and this way I can keep monitoring them instead of giving them a plan that nobody will follow anyway.

Most people will never stick to the method of a plan so they need real-time monitoring rather than a fixed plan. Additionally, a fixed plan will only help demotive people. Instead of showing people if their 'on track or not', show them what they have to do in the moment, as there's always something to work on, and that something constantly changes.


League of legends coach about 1 month ago Contact
A disclaimer that I give to players is that I can’t help you mechanically, the same way a football coach can’t make your leg hit the ball better; this comes with exercise. So while I can’t hold your hand and make your skillshots always land, or make you able to always dodge, I can recommend ways in which you can minimize the effort of trying to hit a skillshot, by playing it smart.

For example, I wouldn’t suggest someone to go for a very risky play where they might be able to do something great; I will just mention that there’s a window that is open: if you play it very well you are able to achieve X, but I won’t force you into it. Instead, I’ll explain why that window is open, and give you an alternative that can be just as efficient, and is easier to execute.


League of legends coach about 1 month ago Contact
During coaching sessions, I take notes. Whenever I notice my student has a problem with something I write it down to talk about these things later.

After the session, I talk with my student about his mistakes, bad habits, lack of knowledge, and stuff like that. I'm leaving him with a customized training plan. The goal of a training plan is to start with the crucial mistakes and less important things are at the end.

The average training plan contains 10-15 tips for each student and I always suggest working on a maximum of 2-3 things from the list in one game. When a student notices improvement, he can move on to the next 2-3 things from the list of training plan. Why? Because working on everything at the same time is hard and eventually student doesn't improve.


League of legends coach about 1 month ago Contact
I usually sent my students notes at the end of each session, which includes:
-Big Topics for what needs to be improved on (Laning, teamfights, rotation, etc.)
-Breaking down topics into smaller parts (Skillshots, kiting, map awareness)
-What needs to be done differently
-Assignements, training and homework until next time

On top of that, I also conclude my session before it ends. Mainly talking about the priority of the aspects we need to be working on to let me students keep themselves on track.


League of legends coach about 1 month ago Contact
I usually focus on the most important thing to make a "fast improvement". Usually a player has more than one issue but probably one of them is keeping them stuck way more than others. I usually aim to fix that mistake so that they can confidently say "this guy knows what he's talking about!". So first thing is to give it all on their worse aspect and then we go from there on depending on how many lessons and how committed the student is.


League of legends coach about 1 month ago Contact
I use a custom spreadsheet which each student. It includes:
- Recording, date and topics covered on each session
- Notes of each session and per week, which the student can read and add to
- Homework and drills for practice tool
- Homework videos for specific situations
- Make them write and followup during the week before next session
- Access to a premium channel with high elo players