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Question for Pixel artists  

What is your experience as a pixel artist?

How many years of experience do you have in pixel art, and how has your approach evolved over time?


Pixel artist 4 days ago Contact
My Experience with pixel art started over a decade ago, originally inspired by games like 'Papers Please', 'Hyper Light Drifter' and 'Day of The Tentacle'.

Enthralled with the medium I began practicing with the hopes of someday developing my own game! After my game designs course at college, I began my journey as a freelance artist working professionally to provide my skill to global projects.


Pixel artist 11 days ago Contact
I have five years of professional experience as a full time pixel artist, but I have been a hobbyist for nearly a decade! When I first started, a lot of my artwork was built off of existing styles and copying references. My main sources of inspiration were the Monkey Island games I used to play as a child, which put me on the path to exploring this artform. Over time, my confidence has grown, and with that, my approach has changed to be less about copying existing styles, but about analysing the project in front of me, and pulling inspiration from whatever style best suits the current needs. I think it's very easy to get in your head as a beginner artist, and overthink what you're style is, or what your approach to a project should be. Truthfully, these things develop naturally over time as you gain more experience.


Pixel artist 13 days ago Contact
I have over a decade of experience creating pixel art. It all began with my early days of making Mugen edits featuring characters from classic Capcom and SNK fighting games. Over time, I developed my own distinct style by incorporating elements from these experiences. This journey has taught me to seamlessly adapt to various pixel art styles. Studying the techniques of talented artists, observing their shading and animation skills, has continuously inspired me to elevate my craft as a pixel artist.


Pixel artist 16 days ago Contact
I have about 8 years hobbyist experience and 4 years commercial experience in the field and over that time my approach has changed to be able to see how unique of an art pixel art is.

As a newbie pixel artist, I used very washed-out colours, changing the luminosity to convey dark and light but to really make pixel art pop, you gotta adjust the hue and saturation of your colours too. Making memorable pixel art is all about contrast and vibrancy. A lot of the time you can convey way more by adding a few pixels of white in a large mass of dark colouring for instance.

My understanding of animation has also improved, to get smooth animation I used to believe it was all about the number of frames, which more often than not makes your animation feel far slower, to convey speed it's important to have snappy animation that utilizes smear frames. The most important thing I've learned is that to animate, you just gotta start throwing stuff at the page to get some base to work from.


Pixel artist 17 days ago Contact
I have 5+ years experience with pixel art. Prior to that I had already been an experienced graphic designer but around 2018 decided to put all my attention into pixel art and focus solely on it. Overtime I have greatly improved my style, competency and constantly learning new ways to work around various challenges in design.


Pixel artist 17 days ago Contact
I have 3 years of professional experience producing pixel art packages for customers via Fiverr. However, I have been making digital art since I was young.
I always had an interest in game design so began by making concept art and simple graphics, expanding my knowledge and experience over the years and eventually specializing in pixel art.


Pixel artist 17 days ago Contact
I started working as a pixel artist in 2021. It’s almost 3 years now and I am still learning. For the evolution, as a beginner artist I started with smaller pixels and low palette and slowly shifted towards bigger pixels. I have many inspirations in pixel art and I constantly try to make my better like them.


Pixel artist 18 days ago Contact
I have been making pixel art since December of 2020. When I first started, my priority was making sure that the subject was recognizable over anything else. While it's definitely still a goal, I now incorporate techniques I learned over time such as hue shifting, anti-aliasing, and making sure there aren't any jagged edges.