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Question for Pixel artists  

How do you price your pixel artwork?

What factors influence the pricing of your pixel art commissions, including size, complexity, and animation?


Pixel artist 1 day ago Contact
Time and experience are my main factors for pricing, simply put smaller the scale of work the cheaper. I pride myself for being meticulous and efficient over everything I work on which intern produces a pixel perfect result without sacrificing the quality of work.


Pixel artist 9 days ago Contact
The main factor in pricing my work is complexity. This depends a lot on the content of the scene, the animations required, and the shading style. I try not to price by size/resolution, as there is a lot of variety in terms of complexity even at the same resolution. I would also price animations separately, as they are usually quite time intensive. I usually provide a base price for the still image sprite/environment/asset design, and then break down the additional costs of animating these pieces. Whilst resolution is not the main factor in pricing, it is important to keep in mind that the increase of pricing based on the increase of resolution is exponential, rather than linear.


Pixel artist 11 days ago Contact
I determine my pricing based on the estimated time required for each project. Smaller pixel art, such as 32x32 pixels or less, typically doesn't take much time. However, complex animations or highly detailed work can require a significant amount of additional time.


Pixel artist 14 days ago Contact
My pricing is simple, $10 per character sprite, $10 per animation of up to 12 frames. If I'm working on a character that exceeds 128x128 or requires an exceptional amount of detail I'll talk more about the specifics with a client so we can find the best price.

For instance, I've worked on backgrounds that were closer to $200 because they required such detailed work.


Pixel artist 15 days ago Contact
I price my work depending on the complexity of the design requested and the time frame that it is needed in. A large animated image with multiple moving layers will cost more compared to a small scale animated loop or still image.
I am always willing to be flexible with clients needs and their budget.


Pixel artist 15 days ago Contact
I keep my prices very competitive which is not always easy as some platforms take a hefty commission fee from the seller, but I don't believe it's fair to reflect that directly onto the customer. So pricing is often a case of balancing a typical estimate of my time to complete work (which comes with experience) Vs the size and complexity of the work.
I try to work towards an hourly rate which sometimes works out lucrative and other times works out less than a typical minimum wage. I am happy to take the rough with the smooth regarding payments as I put the most value on having the luxury of being paid to do what I love.


Pixel artist 15 days ago Contact
The prices of my work depends on the pixel size and the complexity of the project. If the size is low and not much complex, the charges will be low. And if the size is bigger and more complex details are needed, then it will be more charges for this.


Pixel artist 16 days ago Contact
Pricing is determined by the size of the art, the amount of figures, if it's animated or not, and if the background is flat or complex.