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What type of pixel art requests do you accept?

What range of project requests do you cater to, from individual characters to full game assets or backgrounds?
futurosurf, Pixel artist


Pixel artist 3 months ago Contact
I accept requests for characters, portraits, animations, scenes, logos, branding, rotoscoping, music videos, animated shorts/movies. Mostly any type of instance where pixel art can be applied. However, I will not partake in any requests to create any designs that are overly crude, outright derogatory, discriminatory and offensive towards people/groups!
EthanToogood, Pixel artist


Pixel artist 3 months ago Contact
I am always ready for a new inspiring project. Working commonly on character, vehicles, tile sets and backgrounds, yet I love to refresh my work with something new and enjoy the process of working in unfamiliar areas, allowing me to expand and branch out my skills.
syedahumna56, Pixel artist


Pixel artist 3 months ago Contact
I mostly likes to do character designs and the backgrounds with the animations. And I also love working on NFTs too, I enjoy them. For the full game projects, I take these requests too depending on the availability of time.
Trexrell44, Pixel artist


Pixel artist 3 months ago Contact
The majority of my requests involve creating game-ready assets, particularly character animations. Additionally, I have experience in developing tilesets, pixel art effects animations, and occasionally working on videos.
Gangis, Pixel artist


Pixel artist 3 months ago Contact
My favourite projects are character sprite work, but I've done quite frequent work on object assets and tile sets, as well as backgrounds but I'm far less experienced with background work.
Miguello1980, Pixel artist


Pixel artist 3 months ago Contact
I provide solutions for most requests relating to game art and have packages for objects, backgrounds, tile-sets, characters, portraits and user-interface elements.
KaosMass95, Pixel artist


Pixel artist 3 months ago Contact
The subjects that I usually do are character sprites, items, and portraits. I feel that characters artwork is my strong point.
ae1996, Pixel artist


Pixel artist 3 months ago Contact
I accept pretty much all requests, and enjoy the versatility of working on a diverse range of projects.