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How does your Spanish course aid true beginners?

How is your Spanish course structured to cater to complete beginners?
Jennifer Corralizza, Spanish tutor

Jennifer Corralizza 

Spanish tutor 4 months ago Contact
I use the zoom platform to be able to teach my classes.Also, first of all, my classes are focused on these factors:

1. Grammar: is grammar vital to better understand Spanish and the general reasons why? It is written or structured in a certain general way.

2. Reading and listening comprehension: It is necessary to be able to speak a language to understand what a person says in Spanish, for that reason I try as much as possible to only speak Spanish and if you need a translation you tell me and/or write to me, but as far as possible possible only to speak in Spanish. I also use personal motivation videos, stories, interviews, and songs to practice listening and before watching them we see a list of key or main words.

3. Conversational part, with respect to grammar we will do exercises but there will also be a space during the lesson only conversational, so that you speak, lose your fear and feel more comfortable when speaking Spanish and I would help you say the words correctly so that you feel more confident and also in that case, I would correct you so that you say it correctly and in the next time you know how to say it.

4. Expand vocabulary: We would carry out activities to expand vocabulary, learn new words that help you feel more confident and secure in the process, so that you know different words and it can be easier for you to structure sentences.
Octavio, Spanish tutor


Spanish tutor 4 months ago Contact
As the course I offer is mostly composed of private and individual lessons, I’m able to fully understand the student’s level and their needs. That’s one of the many advantages the private lessons I teach can provide to the student: a completely personalized learning experience.

Whenever I teach an absolute beginner, I make sure to start by the fundamental basis of every language: its sounds. Then, I always continue with cognates and audio comprehension. I’ve always thought it makes little to no sense to start learning a language by studying how to say “thank you”, for instance. Of course one needs to learn it eventually, sooner than later, but doing so doesn’t attack the main issue: the fact the student won’t even be able to properly pronounce those newly-acquired words. If a complete beginner wants to properly learn a language, my method has proven to be the one that properly cements the language learning process.
Kieran Ball, Spanish tutor

Kieran Ball 

Spanish tutor 4 months ago Contact
The way I wrote 3 Minute Spanish was to assume that the learner has zero knowledge of the Spanish language, and zero knowledge of confusing grammatical terms. Everything is introduced in a simple and easy-to-understand way, and the student learns lots of useful words and phrases that they can put together to form their own sentences.