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Question for Spanish tutors  

Do you focus on a specific Spanish dialect?

Spanish has various dialects and variations. Do you focus on a particular dialect in your course, or offer a more generalized approach?
Jennifer Corralizza, Spanish tutor

Jennifer Corralizza 

Spanish tutor 4 months ago Contact
It is a generalized approach. I am from Colombia-Cali, I have a neutral and fairly clear accent, so my approach is going to be general, through the everyday grammar of Spanish, with videos, songs and general everyday vocabulary, so that it is a practical and continuous learning with everyday vocabulary.
Octavio, Spanish tutor


Spanish tutor 4 months ago Contact
I try to be as neutral as possible, unless asked to teach a particular dialect. I’m specialized in those from Argentina, Uruguay, Peru and Spain, but I can of course teach other dialects if the student is interested in learning one in particular.
Kieran Ball, Spanish tutor

Kieran Ball 

Spanish tutor 4 months ago Contact
The Spanish I teach in this course can be understood in any Spanish-speaking country. However, if there are any specific terms that might be very different in different countries, I point these out.