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What will students learn in your Spanish course?

What will students learn in your beginners Spanish course?
Octavio, Spanish tutor


Spanish tutor 4 months ago Contact
I’d like to talk about what I call “the two realms”. The first one is the linguistic one, while the second one is the extra-linguistic one. The linguistic one is composed of everything strictly language related (i.e. syntax, grammar, morphology, pronunciation, etc) and it helps the student build skills such as audio-comprehension, written comprehension, sentence structuring, word formation through derivation processes and, of course, how to use all these elements when speaking the language.

Now, the second realm is related to Hispanic cultural literacy. As soon as possible, I like to introduce more complex topics by using level adequate news, videos and conversations. In order to properly learn a language, one needs to be surrounded of as much information and context as possible and, plus, to be able to see and judge a different culture from the new glasses you wear when speaking a foreign language makes everything more engaging and formative.
Kieran Ball, Spanish tutor

Kieran Ball 

Spanish tutor 4 months ago Contact
In the 3 Minute Spanish course, you’ll learn a base vocabulary of extremely useful words and phrases that you can use as soon as you arrive in any Spanish-speaking country. You’ll learn to put these words and phrases together to form your own sentences, and I’ll give you plenty of learning techniques to show you how to make sure you remember all this new knowledge.

You’ll learn how to describe things, how to give your opinion, how to be polite, how to pronounce Spanish words and much more. You’ll also look at grammatical features of the language in a very easy-to-understand way – you’ll learn what nouns and adjectives are, and how to make them plural. You’ll be speaking Spanish and forming your own sentences before the end of the very first lesson!
Jennifer Corralizza, Spanish tutor

Jennifer Corralizza 

Spanish tutor 4 months ago Contact
We will start from the basics such as introduction, greetings, pronunciation and we will see grammar, especially the main one so that you know how to properly structure in the different tenses and feel more confident when speaking Spanish, this will help and facilitate the process significantly, as well as We will also carry out activities to expand and learn new words and we will do reading and listening comprehension exercises so that you will have a clearer overview of the words, structure and pronunciation.