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What are the misconceptions about learning Spanish ?

Are there any misconceptions about learning Spanish that you'd like to address?
Jennifer Corralizza, Spanish tutor

Jennifer Corralizza 

Spanish tutor 4 months ago Contact
Learning Spanish is not difficult, perhaps the conjugations are considered complicated but with practice when you learn and understand the grammar correctly it is usually very easy, also many times people do not want to repeat a topic or a word, but repetition is an aspect key to being able to learn something, anything, if you remember something in Spanish, it is possibly because you have heard it many times and you continue to hear it, which is why it is one of the keys in my opinion, to repeat, practice and learn from mistakes to continue learning and improving.
Octavio, Spanish tutor


Spanish tutor 4 months ago Contact
There are plenty, but I’d like to address one in particular: people will always tell you to listen to music or to watch films, which is an amazing idea overall, but one needs to take into account that a passive role towards content will do pretty much nothing for someone.

An active approach is essential for making the most of the content: reading the lyrics/subtitles, actively trying to comprehend what’s being said and trying to grasp as much as possible on what’s going on is the actual and smart way to learn a language by consuming media.
Kieran Ball, Spanish tutor

Kieran Ball 

Spanish tutor 4 months ago Contact
A common misconception is that there are some people who just aren’t very good at learning languages, and this is rubbish. If you speak your own language, then you can learn another; it’s as simple as that.