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What resources do you suggest for Spanish beginners?

Beyond the course content, what additional resources or tools do you recommend for beginners to enhance their Spanish learning?
Jennifer Corralizza, Spanish tutor

Jennifer Corralizza 

Spanish tutor 4 months ago Contact
I highly recommend watching movies in Spanish since it is the best way in my opinion to learn since you are seeing a scenario and you are also seeing the vocabulary that is being used, besides it is also very good to improve pronunciation and then be able to speak and pronounce when reading the words better, in addition to helping to learn vocabulary faster because you see the word and if you later see it again or review it, it is easier for you not to forget it. I also recommend listening to podcasts, during a space of the day as well as reading books and short stories and underlining, as well as writing the new words and then trying to use the learned words in a conversation.
Octavio, Spanish tutor


Spanish tutor 4 months ago Contact
I always suggest the next method: picking three things one enjoys, anything really. Whether it’s movies, outdoor activities, sports, politics or musical instruments, it doesn’t matter. Then, they can look for content related to those topics on the internet and start consuming it.

If needed, I can also provide useful online resources, it’s not a problem for me. This helps the students to be engaged with the learning process, as now they have a clear and fun way to apply what they learn.
Kieran Ball, Spanish tutor

Kieran Ball 

Spanish tutor 4 months ago Contact
As well as the courses, I have written and created lots of blog posts and YouTube videos that come at Spanish from many different angles. If there are some days where you simply cannot be bothered to do a lesson, then just click on one of my YouTube videos or read one of my articles, and you’ll still be improving your language skills, just in a different way.