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How do you analyze player gameplay in Apex Legends?

What techniques or tools do you use to review and provide feedback on a player's in-game performance?
FZ, Apex legends coach


Apex legends coach 4 months ago Contact
I utilize various techniques and tools to review and provide detailed feedback on a player's in-game performance, ensuring a comprehensive coaching experience: Discord Streaming:

Discord's live streaming feature allows players to stream their gameplay in real-time. This feature enables me to observe their gameplay live, focusing on essential aspects such as aim, movement, positioning, and decision-making.

Clips: I then create clips of the players' gameplay while they are streaming or use the one they already have. These clips serve as specific examples that highlight both their strengths and areas needing improvement.

Epipen for Annotations: This tool allows me to highlight particular moments, actions, or decisions, making it easier for players to understand the context of the feedback.

Post-Session Review: After the player has finished streaming, I review the clips and annotated gameplay footage with them. This post-session review allows for a detailed analysis of their performance.

Constructive Feedback: During the review, I provide constructive feedback on their aim, movement, positioning, and decision-making. I focus on both their successes and mistakes, offering specific tips and strategies to enhance their gameplay.
rVUDU, Apex legends coach


Apex legends coach 4 months ago Contact
There is a myriad of ways I analyze gameplay, specifically depending on the experience the player already has in Apex Legends, the rank they have achieved, and their personal goals. I focus on the skill in the three fundamentals that go into this game which are Aim, Movement, and Game Sense. I then focus on improving what they need the most improvement in, and how to strengthen and use the skills between the fundamentals. Aim in this game is extremely important, especially tracking targets and consistently doing damage. If a player lacks in their aiming ability, then that's obviously an area for improvement. However, pinpointing the fastest way to improve, or a bad habit to break will give faster improvement than generic tips and tricks for aiming.
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Stephen, Apex legends coach


Apex legends coach 4 months ago Contact
I do review pre-recorded gameplay through any means; twitch, youtube, video files, etc. I like to do voiceover and sometimes edit over these clips and provide them back to my customers.

I do prefer full games or longer clips to really analysis and provide thorough feedback - sometimes i get clips which are like 30s - 90s, basically just a gunfight and it's hard to give full feedback as even minutes before a gunfight can determine or lead to an advantage.

I much prefer doing "live sessions" as in, i play with the customer and follow them in game and provide feedback - the intense moments tell me so much and being able to provide instant feedback tends to stick better with Customers.
RELLAX, Apex legends coach


Apex legends coach 4 months ago Contact
There’s a lot of different ways I can analyze a players’ gameplay due to in game performance. I can realize this off their decision making, communication, damage output in gunfights, and situational awareness. Splitting these helps me figure out what each player can improve the most on, and helps me build a strategy on the very best way to counter that.
MrInstinctt, Apex legends coach


Apex legends coach 4 months ago Contact
I use the knowledge and understanding of the game i have to review and provide feedback on the performance of others. I also like to do VOD review where i review past gameplay of my clients and give them additional support on mistakes made.in their gameplay.
Sachith Nimantha, Apex legends coach

Sachith Nimantha 

Apex legends coach 4 months ago Contact
I use Discord & my Experience for everything. always trying to make my client (student) better in game.