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What is your top advice for new Apex Legends players?

What essential piece of advice would you offer to new Apex Legends players just starting on their journey?
FZ, Apex legends coach


Apex legends coach 4 months ago Contact
My top advice for new players in Apex Legends is to invest significant time in the firing range to hone their skills in movement, aiming, and legend abilities. Here's why:

Firing Range Practice: Spending time in the firing range is very helpful the players can practice their movement, aiming, and shooting mechanics. Trying out different guns and legends allows players to understand their preferences and playstyles. Mastering the basics in the firing range is fundamental to becoming proficient in actual matches.

Legend Abilities: Each legend in Apex Legends has unique abilities that can significantly impact gameplay. Experimenting with different legends in the firing range helps new players understand their abilities and how they can be used strategically during matches. Learning when and how to use these abilities can be a game-changer in intense situations.

Mouse and Keyboard Players: For players using mouse and keyboard, utilizing aim trainers like Kovaak's provides a focused platform for improving tracking, precision, and reflexes.

Consistent Practice: Consistency is key to improvement. Encourage new players to practice regularly, dedicating time each day to refine their skills. Repetition and muscle memory play a significant role in mastering movement and aiming.

Patience and Persistence: Apex Legends is a complex and fast-paced game. New players should be patient with themselves and understand that improvement takes time. Encourage them to learn from mistakes, watch professional players' streams for tips, and remain persistent in their practice.

incorporating an aggressive playstyle, akin to legends like Wraith and Bangalore, in more public matches is an excellent addition to the advice for new players.

By focusing on firing range practice, experimenting with different legends, utilizing aim trainers for mouse and keyboard players, maintaining consistent practice, and fostering patience and persistence, new players can build a strong foundation and gradually enhance their skills in Apex Legends.
MrInstinctt, Apex legends coach


Apex legends coach 4 months ago Contact
Discord is definitely the most used software that i use for my coaching. Screen sharing is another amazing feature about discord which makes my coaching and analysis of gameplay much easier. My top advice for new players though is too practice, practice and practice. The firing range is the most useful tool when it comes to improving in apex so spending as much time in there, warming up and practicing aim is so important for your skill in-game.
RELLAX, Apex legends coach


Apex legends coach 4 months ago Contact
New players of Apex Legends should begin by spending time in the firing range every time they play. There they can learn recoil patterns of all different weapons and tighten their aim. From there, they can start to implement more movement during their shots. I would also suggest sending your settings to a coach like myself, to see if there is any small changes you can make that will massively improve your gameplay.
Stephen, Apex legends coach


Apex legends coach 4 months ago Contact
My top advice for new players is Time... put the time in, be patient with time to see results. Consistency is a close second in terms of top advice.

Be consistent with something and give it time, whether that be a specific gun, legend, map, ability, etc. Building consistent muscle memory, consistent environments and most importantly consistent mindset / perspective is essential to build a solid foundation.
rVUDU, Apex legends coach


Apex legends coach 4 months ago Contact
My top advice for new players is to get in and play. I suggest playing the mixtape modes to understand weapon gunplay and legend abilities. I also suggest that when playing Battle Royale, try landing in as many different POIs as possible so you can learn rotations and map layout. Learn from teammates and follow them around to learn other players playstyle that you may encounter in future games.
Sachith Nimantha, Apex legends coach

Sachith Nimantha 

Apex legends coach 4 months ago Contact
I always saying to my Clients (Students) to Use Aimlabs on Steam to Train aim & play the game on Casual mode more. atleast 2 hours per day.