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How do you collaborate online as a music producer?

What is your process for online collaboration, including communication and file sharing?
DanSchmalz, Music producer


Music producer 3 months ago Contact
Collaboration lies at the heart of my creative process, and I leverage a variety of online platforms to connect with artists. Whether it's Zoom, Google Meet, or JamKazam, I utilize these video conferencing tools to facilitate real-time communication and brainstorming sessions. When it comes to sharing music for sync opportunities or label briefs, Disco is my go-to solution, streamlining the process of distributing tracks and receiving feedback. For larger file transfers I use a dedicated file transfer solutions to ensure transferring files without compromising audio integrity.
davidagriffiths, Music producer


Music producer 3 months ago Contact
Much of my collaborative work is carried out via Zoom and Google Meet, utilising specialist software to link these services directly to Logic Pro. This means I can work on songwriting, arrangement and mixing / mastering in real time with remote clients. It's been a huge game-changer in the way I work, and a big step up in terms of what I can offer clients.

I also create a number of resources (like the one shown here) to help clients do things like export stems from their DAW. I like to try and explain things using terms that even a complete beginner can understand.
AlexGl, Music producer


Music producer 3 months ago Contact
I start from analysing given references since I try to incorporate their favourite sound and recording techniques for every client. So, I'm usually asking for main influences of artist/customer and know as much as possible about their needs and expectations. Then just follow and fulfil them.
Then we correct tracks if needed during communication and file sharing with specific platforms or messenger.
Dee, Music producer


Music producer 3 months ago Contact
I have been collaborating with clients online for over 15 years. It is amazing what technology can do. Usually, all communication will be through email and to share files, I prefer using Dropbox as its easy and straightforward to use.