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Question for Music producers  

What is your experience and education as a music producer?

Can you detail your background in music production, including any formal education, certifications, or notable experiences?


Music producer 5 days ago Contact
Graduated from Kharkiv music college as cellist in 2008,
Bachelor's degree from Kharkiv National University of Arts (jazz-guitar/bass) in 2012.
Finishing my master's degree in The Institute of Contemporary Music Perfomance, London this year.
Started session work as musician and sound-producer from 2009, fully produced a few albums and take part in more than 60 releases.


Music producer 6 days ago Contact
I started making music when I was in high school. Everyone knew I was obsessed with music so one day a friend of mine put me on to a software that allows you to create music. I tried it and was hooked. I had no formal music training until a few years later where I completed a music production degree course.


Music producer 7 days ago Contact
I've always loved creating music. I studied audio engineering at University and have spent more than 25 years songwriting and producing music. In addition to my work as a producer, I am also a mastering engineer for Paramount Music Group. I have worked with artists in nearly every style of music and across 19 countries. At the core of what I do is my belief that music has the power to change lives, and I am committed to helping artists create their unique voice, rhythm, and sound.


Music producer 8 days ago Contact
I started out as a classical composer, then trained in string arrangements as part of of my Music MA from Oxford University. I subsquently spent 10 years writing, performing and producing songs on the legendary Oxford music scene (home of Radiohead, Supergrass, Foals), signing three record deals and getting daytime national radio play.

In 2009 I shifted into production, with an emphasis on string and orchestral / piano arrangements. As my client base grew, and boosted by acclaim from people like Tony Visconti and Simon Napier-Bell, I widened my range of services, offering a mix of complete song production alongside more classically-focused arrangement work.