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Question for Music producers  

What's your production process as a music producer?

Could you describe the steps from start to finish in your production process for quality output?


Music producer 5 days ago Contact
1. Analysing preferences and needs of the client/artist.
Communication about all needed features of the track.
2. Providing a demo/samples of work (if required)
3. Recording instruments, arrangement (hiring sessional musicians, orchestras, if needed)
4. Providing track to the client (discussing and re-recording some parts, if needed)
5. Final mixing/mastering.
6. Final revisions (if needed).


Music producer 6 days ago Contact
Firstly, I would ask the clients I collaborate with what kind of song are they wanting to create. Then we'd discuss the sound they're looking for, the song concept and so on. Once I know that, then I'll go in and start creating the music and make sure it's the sound the client wants. Normally, the client would write the lyrics to the music I create and then we would record the vocals. Once the vocals are recorded, I would mix the vocals and get the song mastered also to finish the song.


Music producer 7 days ago Contact
I'm always on the lookout for new music and new artists to work with. My production process begins with a thorough consultation with the artist to understand their vision, influences, and goals. From there, I typically start with pre-production, where we discuss song structure, arrangement, and instrumentation. Once we have a clear direction, I dive into the recording process. It is essential to bring the artist along in this process. I typically don't put a time limit or revision limit on any of this process. Once we are excited about how the overall production sounds we will move to mixing and mastering, ensuring the final product stands out in today's competitive market.


Music producer 4 days ago Contact
I start with a face-to-face meeting, normally via Zoom or Google Meet, to get a bit of background on the artist, understand where they're coming from, and what they're hoping to achieve. These early discussions are essential for starting out on the right foot.

We'll then progress to discussing the project in hand, firming up on things like arrangement, orchestration, tempo/key, song length and influences/examples. This helps me get together all the info I need to create something that will reflect the artist's expectations.

The work itself involves mapping out the song in Logic Pro, then performing / recording the various instruments and adding a guide vocal. Sometimes I need to bring in a session player / vocalist but most of the time I play things myself or use virtual instruments.

I'll send an initial mix for review, then make changes as needed. Revisions are often carried out via Zoom, which makes things like mix adjustments much easier. Final delivery includes mixes and stems.