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Question for Music producers  

Describe your policy on revisions, including any limits on the number of revisions and how they are managed.

What is your policy on revisions, including limits on the number and management of changes?


Music producer 7 days ago Contact
Usually, it's 2-3 revisions for the recording/arrangement and 5-8 for the mixing/mastering. We don't need that amount usually, but this numbers ensure clients that they have enough opportunities to receive needed sound.


Music producer 8 days ago Contact
I have a policy for every project I work on that my clients will receive 3 free revisions. If any more revisions than 3 are required then we will discuss pricing and proceed from there. There will always be changes in creating and I'm always very open to that.


Music producer 9 days ago Contact
Revisions are an essential part of the creative process, and I handle them with flexibility. I typically offer unlimited to ensure the artist is completely satisfied with the final product. Clear communication and constructive feedback are key to making revisions efficient and effective.


Music producer 5 days ago Contact
I will always stipulate how many rounds of revisions are included in an order (typically two), how long each revision can take (typically an hour), and the timeframe for requesting revisions (normally within one month).

Revisions are normally turned around withing a few days, depending on the size of the job.

There is usually an option to request further revisions at additional cost, though this is hardly ever needed. Most clients are happy within one round of revisions.