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Question for Music producers  

How do you stay updated as a music producer?

How do you keep up with the latest trends, technology, and techniques in music production?


Music producer 7 days ago Contact
Networking with industry experts, following top producers in social media and learning new techniques on a regular basis. Checking fresh releases and charts on a daily basis.


Music producer 8 days ago Contact
I always keep up to date with latest music trends and technologies as it's part of the requirements of my job. I have to understand what the latest sounds are in order to be able to deliver whatever is asked of me for my clients and plus, I love what I do so I always love learning new techniques and styles in music production!


Music producer 9 days ago Contact
Staying updated with the latest trends is crucial in the fast-paced music industry. I actively engage in networking events, such as monthly collaboration sessions and meet-and-greets, to connect with other professionals and stay aware of emerging trends. Additionally, I regularly consume industry publications, attend workshops, and explore new music across various platforms to stay inspired and informed.


Music producer 5 days ago Contact
Mostly by word of mouth! Friends and clients are always telling me about the latest breakthroughs in music tech, and I'll typically then go and find out a way to integrate it into what I can offer. Research is the usual sort of channels, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, social media.

I'm particularly fascinated by the latest technological advancements in AI, which I see as a set of useful tools rather than a threat to musical creativity. I remember starting out as a performer in the 90s and how hard (and expensive!) it was to realise a musical idea. This has driven me to try and stay on the cutting edge of the latest technical developments, so I can help clients realise their ideas at an affordable price.