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Question for Music producers  

What music production software and tools do you use?

What are the main software , equipment, and digital audio workstations you prefer for music production and why you prefer them?


Music producer 5 days ago Contact
I use Logic Pro X for my works. I have access to few studios with SSL, Midas, Avid consoles, few drums kits, guitar and bass equipment from Vox, Marshall, Orange, Fender and Moog, Nord, Korg synthesizers, VST-plugins as well.
I prefer analog sound, so having real guitar amplifiers and acoustic piano is important for me, coz I think they serves great playing of musicians better.


Music producer 6 days ago Contact
I'm an avid Logic Pro X user and have been for many years. I'm comfortable using Logic and it's definitely my preferred digital audio workstation. My audio interface I use daily is the Apollo Twin X. The quality I gain from Apollo interfaces is incredible.


Music producer 7 days ago Contact
My creative toolkit is built around industry-standard software and a diverse array of tools. I use ProTools as my primary digital audio workstation, I find it to be the most robust and makes for a seamless workflow to bring my musical visions to life. Within Pro Tools, I utilize a vast selection of plugins, ranging from virtual instruments to effects processors. Additionally, I integrate vintage gear into my setup whenever possible. Taylor acoustic guitars, Gretsch, Ibanez, and Fender electric guitars, each lending its unique timbre to the mix. I interface with SSL hardware for clarity and reliability.


Music producer 4 days ago Contact
I work primarily in Logic Pro; I've used it for 15 years and know it inside out. I've tried other DAWs and just don't find them as intuitive. I also like the quality of the scoring tools.

I specialise in virtual instruments and utilise the full EastWest Composer Cloud catalogue, though am also very fond of the AnalogLab V synth / keys platform.

For guitars I use a James Tyler Variax modelling guitar and a Takamine G-Series acoustic. My favourite instrument is my Kala U-Bass, a surprisingly versatile bass used on countless recordings.