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What advice do you have for choosing the right agent for a player's playstyle?

How do you help players choose the right agent for their playstyle? What factors do you consider when recommending agents, and how do you coach players on agent mechanics and usage?
Kamil Kaminski, Valorant coach

Kamil Kaminski 

Valorant coach 4 months ago Contact
Selecting the ideal agent for a player’s playstyle is pivotal for optimal performance. My coaching approach prioritizes understanding instincts, strengths, and successful scenarios to tailor agent choices.

Initial Insight:
Thorough interviews and gameplay analysis reveal tendencies and preferences, aiding agent recommendations aligned with strengths.

Playstyle Focus:
Analyzing gameplay identifies strengths. Entry fragging, support, control, or info gathering preferences guide agent choices.

Mechanics Alignment:
Agent mechanics match gameplay style. Aggressive players get agents with suitable abilities, while defensive players receive area denial tools.

Team Synergy Consideration:
Team dynamics matter. Agents’ abilities are aligned with teammates’ roles for optimal collective performance.

Mechanics Coaching:
Chosen agents receive comprehensive coaching. Abilities are broken down for usage, strengths, and impact scenarios through drills and practice.

Scenario-Specific Training:
Training mirrors real scenarios. Players learn when and how to use abilities effectively, enhancing decision-making.Adaptability

Playstyles evolve. Players’ preferences and strengths shift over time. Adaptability ensures consistent growth and exploration of new agents.In summary, agent selection involves playstyle, mechanics, and synergy. Thorough understanding leads to tailored recommendations and coaching. Mastery of agent mechanics empowers diverse scenarios. Players become adept contributors, optimizing team performance in Valorant.
PooyaVal, Valorant coach


Valorant coach 4 months ago Contact
Agents in VALORANT, go into three different categories based on their utility and playstyle:

1- Aggression ( Agents who are aggressive and mostly used to take space ): Phoenix – Reyna – Jett – Raze
2- Control ( Agents who help to get control of a map ): Cypher – Deadlock – KillJoy
3- Mid Range ( Agents who like to support teammates and trade allies ): Skye – Breach

With other agents being in between them, for example, Kay/O Can be in all three categories based on his play style and utility usage. Sage is both control and mid-range, as she can support allies with heal and wall while also getting control of a place with slow and wall.

If a student loves to push forward and go for the kills, aggression agents are the best for them! Or if they like to go for big-brain plays and mind games, they can go for control agents or agents in between mid-range and control, such as Astra, etc…

As for mechanic factors, it really depends on what the student likes mainly. You can’t replace passion with anything and if a student loves to play Jett for example, mechanics can be taught and learned in the process. But if you force a student to play a role/agent they don’t like, they won’t have much will to learn those mechanics and agents!
Giovanni, Valorant coach


Valorant coach 4 months ago Contact
It depends on how they like to play the game! If they like playing very aggressively and going in front, duelists are made for that, If they like lurking, holding sites and being an anchor for their team, Sentinels are the right pick. Initiators if you like supporting the plays of your teammates and gathering info. If you like playing a little bit safer and trading kills, plus lurking eventually and making some mind games, controllers can be very interesting. Above everything, the Agents that you find most fun are the ones worth investing in since you’ll enjoy the game more and learn better with them!

I coach players on how their agent could make the most impact on the game, also taking into consideration the skill level of the player I’m coaching, since perfecting utility usage won’t matter as much for a silver player than for a diamond+ player, since their mistakes are usually fundamentals that are missing.
Joseph Tolu, Valorant coach

Joseph Tolu 

Valorant coach 4 months ago Contact
The only thing that separates the amateur from professional players is having much more experience and maybe a mentality of always improving and learning new stuff that’s it. By the mean of experience I mean utility, Aiming, movement it’s all past things they learned after all every professional player was amateur at some point the only thing is changed is experience.
Vsevolod, Valorant coach


Valorant coach 4 months ago Contact
It is all about person’s personality. Some people are more brave, some are less brave. Some like to get kills mostly with aim, other with utility. I explain every role’s job and which type of character usually that role fits. After it person makes a decision who to main.