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How can you help players improve aiming skills in Valorant?

What techniques and drills do you recommend for improving aiming skills, crosshair placement, and movement in Valorant? Do you also provide personalized warm-up routines for players?
Kamil Kaminski, Valorant coach

Kamil Kaminski 

Valorant coach 4 months ago Contact
Improving aiming, crosshair placement, and movement in Valorant is a customized journey tailored to each player. For beginners, deathmatch is pivotal, offering dynamic aiming practice against opponents for reflexes and tracking skills. Advancing players benefit from nuanced strategies. Aim Lab’s tailored exercises address specific gaps. Precision drills refine crosshair placement, reinforcing head-level aiming near engagement points.

Movement gains attention too. Drills cover strafing, counter-strafing, and peeking techniques, refining accuracy while on the move.
Breaking complex mechanics into parts is key. Focused learning on one aspect builds proficiency and confidence, fostering practical application.
Personalized warm-up routines prepare players for optimal performance. Addressing individual challenges and strengths, these routines enhance reflexes, crosshair placement, and movement, setting players up for success.

In essence, my approach accommodates skill levels. Deathmatch aids novices, while tailored Aim Lab exercises benefit advanced players. Systematic mechanics address and personalized warm-ups foster steady progress in aiming and movement mastery in Valorant.
Joseph Tolu, Valorant coach

Joseph Tolu 

Valorant coach 4 months ago Contact
I always recommend that players watch professional players’ streams and watch tournaments like VCT etc. Cause when you watch those things, you will see how players put their crosshairs for certain positions for certain maps and you can steal that, improve and use it in-game, other things that should be done is use practice range in-game, you don’t need fancy apps or things to improve your aim, cause that things are not same as in a game. Cause when you use another client the recoils for guns use the velocity of the character and are much more different compared to an actual game.

About improving aim, movement, and crosshair you have just to play a lot and watch Twitch streams and pro players, pls do not watch YouTube( cause a lot of YouTube videos are made for content it doesn’t help you a lot, and the things they teach either half correct, half wrong either full wrong, try to watch videos maybe from professional players if still want to watch it). And yes I’ll give personalized warm-up routines.
Giovanni, Valorant coach


Valorant coach 4 months ago Contact
I give them training/warmup drills that are specific to their issues and advanced tips if they’re ready for it as well regarding movement, bursting/spraying, peeking, and lastly aim/precision and tracking. They’re nothing unusual (You can easily find similar things on YouTube) but they’re very effective.
I’ll link a few clips showing the training drills that I use the most:

Bursting and movement: https://youtu.be/3kxNK7Cw8NI
Precision: https://youtu.be/lloiy7PpgwE
Deadzoning: https://youtu.be/5AsowTfiRmU

To improve at crosshair placement is either spamming deathmatches focusing on it (which you’ll not improve your gamesense and it’s not a very realistic representation of a real competitive match), playing customs by yourself and peeking angle by angle (same issue) or being more conscious about it during your games, which I think it’s the best way to do it.
PooyaVal, Valorant coach


Valorant coach 4 months ago Contact
I always give my students tips on how to improve their aim and crosshair placement with also tips for movement and positioning in the middle of a review, so they can take notes for future games! If the student also requests, I also give them personalized practice routine which is based on the review we had and the mistakes that the student made. It’ll be more focused on helping the student warm up while also working on the things that need fixing!
Ninja x3, Valorant coach

Ninja x3 

Valorant coach 4 months ago Contact
Firstly i have to discuss about the sensitivity the player has. Then, we talk about what their movement type is. Do they aim with wrist, arm, combination of both or etc. And then, i talk about how they can improve their aim in valorant. I do give out my aim training routine to them, which has both Valorant and third-party app training.
Vsevolod, Valorant coach


Valorant coach 4 months ago Contact
Definitely deathmatches. You will work on many things at the same time, the most important that it happens with actual enemies, not bots. I provide each person with Warm up plan, that is custom for each player. Also I have a training plan that includes many things, mostly training plan helps with all the mechanics.