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Question for Valorant coaches  

How do you measure the progress of the Valorant players you coach?

How do you track and measure the progress of players you coach in Valorant? What benchmarks do you use, and how do you communicate progress to your clients?


Valorant coach 29 days ago Contact
If we are working in long term then the difference is huge and obvious, if it’s a short term coaching mostly I leave notes, so later I can quickly read them and see which mistakes that person had

Joseph Tolu

Valorant coach 29 days ago Contact
I measure players’ progress with how they play in-game, the way they play the game shows you everything you need to know about them and I’ll also use the tracker.gg statistic app to have bit more advanced measures for their headshot rates etc .

Ninja x3

Valorant coach 29 days ago Contact
The players keep me updated on either discord or fiverr. They simply message me about their progress, and it’s always good progress. It’s very rare for me to see a message that a player has a new problem or anything like that. And even when that happens, we end up fixing that problem as well.


Valorant coach 29 days ago Contact
I give them the tools necessary for their progress and leave my discord available for questions they might have in case they find difficulties applying the main points of the coaching session. I sometimes get messages saying that they ranked up and thanking me, and sometimes messages saying that they still struggle with x thing, in that case, I try my best to understand why they’re not achieving it and to explain how they can change that.

If I’m coaching a returning student, I check their tracker again and see if they have applied at least the main points of the session so we can keep making progress.

Kamil Kaminski

Valorant coach 29 days ago Contact
Measuring players’ progress in my coaching is a meticulous process rooted in detailed tracking and tailored guidance.

Session Notes:
Thorough notes during each coaching session serve as reference points for tracking progress and inform subsequent sessions.

Issue Focus:
Addressing key issues identified from VOD reviews and player performance ensures focused effort on eliminating weaknesses.

Consistent Growth:
Progress stems from consistent practice and reinforcement, providing ample chances for skill application and fostering development.

Benchmarks and Milestones:
Clear progress evaluation is achieved through benchmarks tied to skill enhancements, rank achievements, or in-game goals.

Ongoing Review:
Regular review of past notes and VODs prevents previous issues from resurfacing, ensuring lasting improvements.

Transparent Communication:
Transparently communicate progress, offering detailed analysis of advancements in alignment with player goals.

Personalized Feedback:
Continuous personalized feedback reinforces strengths, identifies growth areas, and outlines development strategies.Goal Evolution: Reassessing goals as milestones are achieved maintains motivation and drives sustained progress.

In summary, progress tracking integrates session notes, focused issue resolution, benchmarks, and feedback. This systematic approach empowers players to tangibly observe their growth and stay motivated in the competitive realm of Valorant.


Valorant coach 29 days ago Contact
There are websites out there that help us coaches to see the stats of our students! Such as their progress, KD, scores, etc… I personally use them to see how is my student doing, and then I’ll contact them to congrats them on their progress or give them more tips to improve based on those stats!When I give my students a practice routine, I also set goals for them to achieve, now if they achieve it, they immediately know that they are progressing!