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Question for Valorant coaches  

How do you create personalized training plans for Valorant players?

How do you create personalized training plans for Valorant players? Do you include specific beginner settings and warm up routines? What factors do you consider, and how do you incorporate elements like aim drills, scenario training, and improvement plans into these plans?


Valorant coach about 1 month ago Contact
After person finishes match I already know which mechanical flaws that person has, I have a list of different exercises for different flaws, so I quickly generate training plan for that person. It is also different according to person’s experience. Plan of experienced person and newcomer will be different, because they need different skills to develop firstly.

Joseph Tolu

Valorant coach about 1 month ago Contact
First of all, I give them basic training that is given to everyone, then I’ll give personalized training by their measured progress in-game live most of the time and recommend them few other things.

Ninja x3

Valorant coach about 1 month ago Contact
For training plans we first need to discuss about their aim aim movement type (Arm, Wrist, combination of both…). And based off of their gameplay, i can see in which part they mostly lack, and then i can tell them what they need to work on. My aim training routine practices and works on all aim movements. Flicking, tracking, precision, horizontal movement for headshot flick consistency, reflex training and etc. It basically covers everything.


Valorant coach about 1 month ago Contact
To create training plans, I use things that have helped me to get better at the game, and gather some ideas from other coaches/youtubers that are interesting as well. I give specific training for specific issues the student has, it varies depending on their rank and actual skill level. Sometimes I also give some instructions on what they could do to take a step further on improving at certain things!

Kamil Kaminski

Valorant coach about 1 month ago Contact
Designing personalized Valorant training plans revolves around individual goals and skill levels.

Client-Centric Approach:
Prioritizing player objectives, I engage in thorough discussions to discern their aspirations—be it rank advancement, skill honing, or versatility.

Skill Level Assessment:
Evaluating abilities and strengths is crucial. Lower-level players emphasize mechanics and positioning, while higher-level ones prioritize game sense and decision-making.

Transparent Plan Explanation:
Communication involves breaking down the training plan. Detailing objectives fosters commitment and motivation.

Tailored Beginnings:
Beginner settings and warm-up routines are personalized for comfort and progression, preparing players for gradual improvement.

Aim Drills and Scenarios:
Adaptive drills suit the player’s level, from target tracking for novices to precision challenges for experts. Scenario training refines decision-making.

Evolving Improvement Plans:
Plans adapt to tackle emerging challenges as players advance. Mechanics, positioning, game sense, and meta adaptation are integrated.

Adaptation to Pace:
Plans adjust to development pace. Accelerated progress intensifies exercises, while a steady approach accommodates gradual improvement.

Continual Progress Tracking:
Vigilant monitoring includes VOD reviews, metrics, and progress against initial goals.

Open Communication:
Regular feedback exchange aids refinement.

In summary, personalized Valorant training plans fuse goals, skill levels, and pace. Mechanics, positioning, drills, scenarios, and adaptable improvements fuel growth. Communication and adaptable plans ensure engagement, progression toward Valorant goals.


Valorant coach about 1 month ago Contact
My practice routines mostly have three categories in them:

1- Warm up for the practices ahead.
2- Practicing flaws and strength points with a warmed-up brain and hand for the best results!
3- Warm up and practice in-game to get ready for competitive games ahead.

Now I always say, Kovaaks/Aimlabs are only good to help you warm up and get more comfortable with your mouse usage, as the game’s physics are so different from one another, that playing and practicing in VALORANT itself has a much higher rate of helping you improve! If you want to keep on playing Kovaak’s or Aimlabs, that’s totally fine, as long as you don’t let it be more than 30-minutes and always do it before you get into the game, and play the game itself either in deathmatch or the practice range before going into competitive games so you get used to the game physics and mechanics before getting into a serious match!